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in this country, renewable energy. and it was categorically ignored. yet the 90 tea party members in the house can shut down the government? >> well, you know, the desire of the progressive movement is for the democrats to act more like a party, to act more like a movement. and there are enough democrats in both houses of the congress to do that, but they need to be more disciplined. and also we need to realize that change doesn't happen from inside washington. it happens from the grassroots and then changes washington. >> but peter -- >> in congress. >> almost every other guest on this show says the same thing you did, that it takes time, it takes patience -- and it has to come starting with roosevelt, from the grassroots up. but we all know there's been great progress in this country on some cultural issues, particularly on gay marriage and equality for gays, but not much movement on the very issues that the people you describe are agitating about out there, environmental issues, income equality, racial justice, gun control, women's rights. something's not working. >> there is enormous amount of
credit card unit to bernie madoff's ponzi scheme to the criminal manipulation of energy markets and the bribing of chinese officials. nor is jpmorgan chase the only culprit under scrutiny. bank of america was found guilty just this week of civil fraud, and eight other banks are being investigated by the government for mortgage fraud. no wonder wall street's camp followers at "fox news," "the wall street journal," cnbc and other cheerleaders have ganged up to whitewash the banks. this could be the biggest egg yet across the smug face of unfettered, unchecked, unaccountable capitalism. let's sort this out with someone who covers wall street without fear, favor or flaming headlines. gretchen morgenson has been called "the most important financial journalist of her generation." she won the pulitzer prize for her tough journalism and her "fair game" column for "the new york times" combines old fashioned, shoe leather reporting with hard-won knowledge to help the rest of us understand finance both high and low. i recommend her most recent book, written with joshua rosner, "reckless en
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Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3